Painting, in the class of Judith Eisler, is understood as a medium of broad contemporary potential. As with all other media, painting, by its nature, is not autonomous but always an intermediary, a go-between. It defines itself in relationship to the other, to other visual cultures and systems.

Both painting and animation film are media that represent an unfolding of time. Students take the formal aspect of painting as a basis (texture, color, line, form) to explore the diverse narrative and abstract possibilites of animated film.

The aim of the student is to develop, reflect upon, and position their work in the context of contemporary art and theory. Employing a variety of techniques and strategies of communication, the emphasis is on innovation and experimentation in the practice of painting. Technical and conceptual approaches are developed in indivdual as well as group tutorials. Projects such as exhibitions, excursions, guest lectures, visits to art spaces and artist’s studios take place on a regular basis.

To me that´s still the most basic thing to say about painting. It´s a limiting condition within which anything goes.

Carroll Dunham

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Guest semester

Open House:
On 9 November 2022 students and lecturers will give information and insights on the study programmes and studios of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.