Atrium Show I - Can I keep you as a souvenir?

Ausstellung26. 03. 2019

Where does the desire to create still life paintings come from?

The collection of moments and objects; maintaining materiality.
The attempt to preserve memories, working against impermanence.
The continual urge to update experiences of the past – meanings we wish to bring back in to the present.

We create a system comparable to a type case, in order to store things in their consistency and place, all while in relation to each other.

collecting – assorting – displaying – storing

Work by Nora Nemeth, Anna Korinna, Carina Luksik and Esther Martens.
Curated by Anna Klasz, Ahmed Thaer, Amelie Schlögelhofer, Veronika Beringer, Jeongyun Yu and Kean Ehsasi.