Minsung Choi

Acrylic on Canvas

My work mainly show situations in which people relax.

People have to rest to get energy.
I think resting is important and a necessary act for people.
I express many types of ordinary relaxation, such as watching movies, riding a bicycle, listening to music or lying down.

Also, I am interested in taking pictures.
After I take a picture, I enjoy the process of painting that picture with my strange and mysterious feelings.

To those who see my paintings, I want to show how this break is a very precious time that gives people energy to live in the future, although it is nothing special.

And I often create monsters.
A monster represents myself.
It’s made by my imagination.
I express a gross and bizarre appearance.
This monster is a subject that expresses my own impure heart, prejudice, irritation and anger.

Acrylic on canvas