Lea Sofie Scholl

How to stay sane during quarantine

How would I label myself and my work? …well
Am I a painter because I use acrylic paint and gouache to create on canvas?
Am I an animator because I love to express myself through it and it’s the best way for me to do storytelling and create an atmosphere with video and sound?
Am I a graphic designer because I have a great interest in possibilities of technology and I used to spend a lot of time doing posters, covers and illustrations?
Am I a crafts woman because I sow, nitt, embroider, crochet, do ceramic, wood cutting…?
Am I a person who is immensely interested in the world around her from politics to culture but is often lost in her own world? … well yeah
I Am an artist who works with various forms of mediums.
Combining fine arts and digital technologies together, like using augmented reality for paintings, crossing many different forms of animation and trying out new methods of doing things. All in the pursuit of trying to find the best mediums to express myself.