Cristian Anutoiu


Cristian Anutoiu is a queer multidisciplinary artist from Romania/Germany, currently based in Vienna.
He works primarily with 3D software, painting, sculpture and virtual worlds. His practice is inspired by the endless notions and fruitful possibilities of the virtual. By working with reinterpretations, scans, kitsch and experimentation, fragments of worlds crystallize, which are injected with soft magical realism. Both the virtual and physical space are used as a melting pot for transporting speculative and worldbuilding practices into phygitality. Artificiality and the organic serve as a tool to emphasize the fragility of human subjectivity.

He is part of the collective room69, which is working with new exhibition formats media arts and installations.

Currently he is studying Painting & Animation Film under Judith Eisler at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.