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May 6th, 2019
House on the Embankment 2
Serafimovitcha Street, Entrance 2

After two weeks of travelling from Beijing to Moscow, the works that were produced during the journey were presented in the House on the Embankment, directly facing the Kremlin.

Participating artists:
Ana Likar (SLO)
Florian Berger (AUT) & Sara Bissen (KAZ)
Gabriele Edlbauer (AUT)
Jiyoon Lee (KOR)
Laura Hatting (GER)
Lukas Dworschak (AUT) & Sebastian Doringer (AUT)
Sophie Vitovec (AUT)
Stefan Wirnsperger (AUT)


sophie vitovec01sebastian doringer + lukas dworschaklaura hattingjiyoon leegabriele edelbauerstefan wirnsperger01florian berger

A joint project by the Department of Site-Specific Art and the Department of Painting and Animated Film,
Institute of Fine Arts & Media Art, University of Applied Arts Vienna