Caro Laa


In my artistic practice, I explore different possibilities of using animation to draw attention to how fragile our sense of reality just really is. I am fascinated by how we perceive our reality visually, how very subjective every person’s experience is, and how certain visual phenomena can influence our perception of reality. My interest lies in creating immersive works that can trigger losing the sense of reality and in visualizing phenomena that have led me to question my own perception of what is real.
Watching a good movie or series can trigger this surreal state as well. Character-driven stories can draw people into a different world, a different time, even a different sense of being. You experience the “life” of a different person, in a way that you forget everything else around you for a short period of time. Once the video stops you arrive in your own reality again. This experience of falling in and out of reality is almost similar to dreaming and waking up. Knowing that what you have dreamed was not real, but the way you felt might just have been. Animation in itself is just an illusion, yet just like a dream, it can have a strong impact on how we feel, and even change our perspective on reality and therefore leave a lasting impact on it. However, unlike a dream, animation allows us to have full control over what happens and to share this experience with others.