Andreas Neudecker


2019, digitale Animation
Betreut von Univ.-Prof. Judith Eisler, BFA

Encounters, 2020, Videostill

Similar to pen and paper roleplaying, the story of this animation emerges from a dialogue between artist and viewer. In cooperative improvisation, viewer and artist both become protagonist and environment, player and gamemaster. The painted and animated imagery of the world becomes a part of this dialogue.
The images used are made up of digital paintings that share the appearance of reduced shapes and a limited palette. To reflect the struggle of building a world around a protagonist, Parzival and Anfortas serve as representations of character and environment. While Parzival deals with his identity, Anfortas tries to lure Parzival into what might be possible to achieve in the castle of the Grail. With the idea of presenting this project in an exhibition format, I first played the game and edited the content so as to make a short film that would reveal how the full story is made.