Vivian Tseng

It's too late to go back
Öl und Acryl auf Leinwand
50cm x 50cm

Think about thoughts and emotions, make them messy, make them unpredictable, make them sad, but also a bit cute. So they are not too sad. And this is what I paint. For all of my working fields; animation, painting and film – I like to focus on the story it tells, the mood that it gives off. What story will I tell next? How thrilling it is to read a good story. Painting my work in cute colours to hide their rather sad nature. Now that is thrilling to me. Make it small, make it unnoticeable,  a bit childish, isn’t it? Is it? Look closer, you’re not seeing it if you think it’s childish. And if you’re seeing it, then maybe it is childish.
My mood affects my work, but it is not that if I am in a good mood that I create good work. It is when I am in a sad mood that I create my greatest work. I paint without images or templates, I don’t have a photograph or model that I can look onto. I do trust on my sketches, but in the end I do never paint what I want to paint. The same goes for my films, the only difference they have, is that I am better at filming.