Law and Order (Studio rules)

– The Three Week Rule: Your space is a work space, not a storage space. Please use it regularly. Your studio practice is the foundation of your studies and of your life as an artist. Also: If you don’t use your space, it’s disrespectful to the people who didn’t get a space / have to share one. If we don’t see you working in your space / just using it to dump your stuff, we will take notes. If you don’t show up for three weeks without giving us a good reason, you will be asked to give up your space and work somewhere else. TL/DR: Use your workspaces.

– The No-Storage Rule: Your space is for making new work, not storing old work. Especially not if “your” space then takes up twice as much space as everyone else’s. Bring your old works home, organize a sensible communal storage for your room, store flat works in your walls in studio 3. Also: Think about whether you really want to keep all your old paintings – from my experience, some paintings are best painted over, some stretchers are best reused. TL/DR: Don’t keep a lot of stuff you’re not using atm.

– The Workshop Rule: The painting workshop between studio 1 and the Projektraum will now be locked after 5PM. It’s not a storage space. It’s not a studio space. It’s a space for immediate work you can’t do in your own small studio space, like stretching and priming canvases. Be considerate and please take your stuff out when you’re done so someone else can use the space. If you borrow tools, let me know and return them. I will also rigorously throw out any objects of unknown origin that I find in there.TL/DR: It’s a workshop, not a dump.

– The Communication Rule: Please let us know when you can’t make meetings / can’t use your space for a while / have painter’s block / etc.. We’re trying to be considerate and helpful, but we can’t be if we don’t know what’s up. And also we’re just super curious about your ideas, projects, works and happy to talk to you. TL/DR: Read emails, write emails. Or just knock on one of our doors from time to time.

– The Key Rule: If you fail to return a key to the Portier after you leave the studio your name will be taken from the list for two weeks. The Portier is here from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 – 22:00. TL/DR: Just return the key when you leave. Simple.