Felina Beckenbauer


SS 2022, Malerei und Keramik

Betreut von Univ.-Prof. Judith Eisler, BA

“Her hands carefully take beside the moss and uncover dark soil. A full-bodied smell arises, carrying notes of an even darker depth. She inhales, stops her breath and immerses her long fingers into the ground. Deeper and deeper her hands sink, her arm follows, her chest succumbs, her head is lost, her whole body gone. We won’t ever know where or what she fused into, but rumor has it of depth as deep as the sky, of darkness as indulging as a womb, of warmth like hearts and softness as silk.”
The work born from rock explores my perception of stone as a protective, fertile object. During my research, I discovered a cultural tendency to find fertility and spiritual depth in stone. Mythical figures born from rock, or birth giving stones themselves will now be representatives of the unconscious depths that lay beyond the cold surface of rock.

Instagram: felinalis