Ausstellung27. 06. 2023 – 30. 06. 2023

Klasse Judith Eisler
Malerei & Animationsfilm
27.06. – 30.06.2023, 11:00 – 21:00

find us at Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna
Ferstel Wing, 2nd floor, Studio 3 (room 201)

According to some online dictionaries, the verb ‘to clean’ means ‘to remove the dirt from something’. The adjective ‘clean’ means ‘free from dirt or stains’,and also, ‘morally uncontaminated’. The word ‘room’ refers to a defined space or to the idea of ‘space’ or ‘place’ in general. The title of the 2023 Judith Eisler class exhibition, CLEAN YOUR ROOM!, has not much to do with any domestic duties. Rather it is an invitation for the artists/students to present their works, and for the visitor to reflect on one’s own responsibilities. The real big room we all live in, has no walls or IKEA lamps, but plants and oceans. It is without a doubt time to clean up a bit.  In 2023, making art, being an artist, is still different than building a car or performing an open-heart surgery, but the intentions behind making any artwork are also focused and determined. CLEAN YOUR ROOM! is a title, a theme, a guideline, an ironic way to say ‘let’s do it’. Together. In this exhibition, paintings, animations, UFOs (Unidentified Fascinating Objects), are displayed in the room where the students work during the school year. The architecture of the room/studios is almost untouched. A colored tape is running over walls and surfaces. Still, there’s something that we can’t really see: what will happen next. To those artworks. To ourselves. But there’s something we can definitely do: we can clean our room!

Mit Arbeiten von / With works by:
Adam Meszaros, Barbara Tunkowitsch, Baurjan Aralov, Cristian Anutoiu, Dana van der Neut, Emma Kling, Erin Sankey, Fabian Dierksheide, Jana Forster, Hanna Maria Skultety, Janne Marie Dauer, Jesaja Aljoscha Trummer, Julia Winkler, Lea Sofie Scholl, Leo Hasslinger, Leonie Roithner, Luzie Bommert, Manuel Horak, Masa Sallai, Max Offergeld, Minsung Choi, Nikolaus Kohout, Nikolija Stanojevic, Paulina Buda, Rosalie Werthefrongel, Sabin Meco, Sarah Braid, Semi Kwon, Sophie Schagerl, Thomas Süß, Valentino Skarwan, Vivian Chiu Tseng, Ahmed Thaer, Marcus Wagner

kuratiert von / curated by Salvatore Viviano