Berglzimmer Schönbrunn

Exkursion10. 06. 2021

Students participating in the Fresco Fresco Fresco Workshop visited the so-called Berglzimmer, the summer apartments of Empress Maria Theresia painted by Johann Wenzel Bergl around 1770. Bergl painted various versions of exotisising landscapes in Melk, Ober St. Veit and Schönbrunn Castle, using a wide range of fresco and secco techniques. The detailed murals blur the architectural confinements of the painted walls, creating an illusionistic space representing the idea and desire of an unseen variety of flora and fauna, contrasting sharply with the strict baroque formalisms of life in Schönbrunn. The trip was organized in preparation for the upcoming Angewandte Festival contribution of the department: “A Horse in the Jungle”.

Special thanks to Dr. Iby, head of the art history department of Schönbrunn, for a very informative, profound and interesting tour.